Other Slaps
So you want something other than a sporting Slapmeup?

We can do that! In fact we regularly do Military Personnel, Children’s growth charts, whole families, Boy Scouts, and even the family pet.

Think about it, your soldier is getting deployed, and you want to keep their presence in the house. What better way to keep them in your heart and mind than to have a life sized Slapmeup of them.

Welcome them home on their leave with a Slapmeup mounted and contoured cut on foam core board. Imagine their reaction at the airport when they see themselves in life size.
(Ask about our military discount).

Family photos:
Have a life size family photo of the bunch made into a Slapmeup. Perfect for the game or family room!

Family Pet:
Give the family dog or cat the recognition they deserve. Put them in your kid’s room to brighten their day!

Locker Licks TM :
Show your school spirit, Get your Locker Licks TM
now! Available in 15" & 19" sizes, easily removable and reusable.

Only $19.99 for the 15" version!

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Locker Licks
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp
Photo-Tex SlapMeUp

Children and growth charts:
We have a unique growth chart that will act as a keepsake for your family for years to come. They include their name and date of birth, along with a measured rule along side of them. Simply mark their height off at your own frequency and intervals. The cool thing here is you can add additional Slapmeups every few years to visually document their growth over the years.

If you can imagine it,
We can do it!

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